Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let Me In

Contribution by Elmo Farmer

I just caught this movie with on demand from and was completely surprised to find a new vampire movie that was actually worth the money it cost to watch.

The story is basically about a kid who has eternally 12 year old vampire move in to the apartment next door. As the story unfolds, you follow the kid through his daily life where he shuffles between his mother who essentially ignores him and the bullies at school who definitely do not ignore him. His life starts changing as soon as he meets Abby.

Becoming friends with a vampire gives him an unspoken nightly date where he actually gets to interact with someone who does not give him a wedgie. The movie then follows Abby and Owen as their growing friendship blossoms into an awkward romance and the suspense builds as you wonder just how long Abby can continue to get the blood she needs while staying ahead of the cop who is steadily closing in on her identity.

This movie is a coming-of age, romance, horror drama with great acting across the board. And it has Chloe Moretz as the sweetest vampire who ever graced the screen. What's not to love?

Friday, October 29, 2010

My daughter's afterschool activities

Guest post written by Elizabeth Quincy

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the stuff that I do on my time, much less all the stuff that my daughter does after school. There's art lessons, Girl Scouts, children's choir at church and now she's added figure skating to that long schedule of activities.

I was a little surprised when she told me she wanted to learn how to figure skate but I thought that it might be good to do a physical activity since the rest of her stuff isn't. As I was looking up information on lessons, I came across some facts about a wireless internet service that sounded like it might be better than the one we've been using forever, so I decided to click here and switch over from our old provider.

Well, I wouldn't quite call my daughter a figure skater yet because she's only a lesson or two into the sport, but she definitely is an ice skater because she's picked up on how to stop, go and control what she's doing when she's skating. I guess there are a lot of sparkly leotards in her future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who to Be?

Written by Otis Norton

It happens to me every year. As Halloween draws closer I am forced to make a tough decision. I have to choose a costume when there are so many awesome ones to choose from. I can never decide to the last minute and I spend hours just wandering around in local costume shops, online sites, and even Wal-mart in an attempt to get ideas. I don't like just buying a pre-fab costume. I like to make my own. At least in that way I can be original even if I use a common idea.

This morning I got dressed, set my home security alarm I found online at, and headed out to shop once more. I had the day off and I was determined to actually get an idea before the last minute for once. I spent all day shopping and never did decide on anything.

I began heading home with disappointment etched on my features. It seemed like this year would be the same as always. I went through all my costume designs of the last few years and shook my head. They had all been somewhat original. Once I had been a vampire pirate. Another Year I chose to be both a ninja catperson. That had involved intricate makeup! This year, though, I wasn't sure what to be.

It wasn't until I ran across a movie poster for Avatar that a thought crossed my mind. It might sound silly but it gave me an idea. I immediately headed home to figure out how to be a zombie Na'vi.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Save Money With Movies On Demand

Thanks for the article from Len Briggs

In today's economy, I just can't afford to go the movies. By the time I pack the wife and kids into the car, fill up the gas tank, drive to the theater, buy our tickets, and load up on popcorn and drinks for everyone, I'm too worried about paying the bills for the month to relax and enjoy the movie. That's why family movie night in my house comes courtesy of the movies on demand feature on our satellite TV from

I used to love the experience of going to a theater to see the latest blockbuster release. With funds so tight these days, however, I prefer not to spend a lot of cash to take the family to a film that we may end up not enjoying. It makes much more sense to catch a movie on demand. If one or more members of our clan aren't enjoying the film, they can just go into another room and do something else without making me feel like I've thrown money away. Since finding one movie that appeals to all five of us can be a challenge anyway, choosing from the wide variety of films available through the movies on demand feature is much more convenient than trying to pick a winner from the five or six movies playing at our local multiplex.

With movies on demand, the whole family can enjoy a movie, complete with snacks and drinks, in the comfort of our living room for roughly what it would cost one of us to see a new release in a theater on opening night. That makes it a heck of a lot easier for this hard-working dad to enjoy the film!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Andy Griffith Show Still As Good Today As When It Came Out

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez

Without a doubt, The Andy Griffith Show has stood the test of time and one of my all-time favorite shows to watch. It has recently marked its 50th anniversary, which tells you about its staying power. The story takes place in a small town called Mayberry and follows the exploits of Sheriff Andy Taylor and his friends and family. One of the funniest characters on the show is Deputy Barney Fife. He seems to always get into trouble no matter what he does. The rapport between him and Andy is just wonderful.

In the show, Andy Griffith plays Andy Taylor and he does a wonderful job. Some of the other characters you get to watch through the series are Opie Taylor Andy's son who is played by Ron Howard. Opie is a young man who gets into trouble sometimes and Ron Howard does a great job playing the little boy. There are also many different characters that you meet through the series such as Goober at the gas station, Floyd the Barber and Aunt Bee who lives with Andy Taylor. I watch The Andy Griffith Show on direct tv tampa when the reruns pop up. Even though I have seen every episode of the show this series is still as good as the day I first caught it on television.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready To Change Your Attitude

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

Did you realize that by just redecorating your home that you could be changing your attitude? Just by giving one room in your home that probably well needed make over you could be making a major change in your life style and attitude. Get some ideas using your Clear WiMax 4G deal Boston.

If you are bored with the same old colors, pictures, furniture in you home it is time for a change. If you were to make over just one room in your home in which you spend a significant amount of time in you may become a bit more perky if you have been hum drum, or you could learn to become a bit calmer and more relaxed just by repainting your walls.

Your redecorating does not have to be an expensive project. Start by going to flea markets and second hand stores and find items that you can coordinate to make your living room look more vibrant. Add a few pictures where there were none and change that lamp to one that says hey look at me.

I recently did a make over in my house and for under $300 my living room, dining room and hallway now have a country style or very rustic look when before it had a more modern appearance. I feel much more relaxed and my company has expressed how homey my home has become. No longer a house, this is my home.

Express yourself and start making a difference in how you feel everyday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010