Monday, August 18, 2008

What a rotten week it's been!

I don't think I have mentioned this before but my MIL was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma back in February. She has had such a struggle the last 6 months and has had numerous stays in the hospital. She has now been in the hospital for over two weeks and we don't look for her to make it.
My terrible week started last Sunday August 10th. We went over to see my MIL and take the kids to see her because she had been missing them. After we had been there all of 30 minutes or so, my hubby got extremely sick. He was white as a sheet, broke out in a cold sweat, and doubled over in pain. So I rushed him downstairs to the ER. We assumed he was having another diverticulitis attack because he had been diagnosed with it about a year ago and had a few attacks since then. The CT scan they ran on him showed no divers, but they wanted to admit him anyway because his blood pressure was going through the roof. A couple days later he was taken down for more tests to find out what was going on. It turns out he had inflammation of the esophagus, inflammation of the small bowel, an ulcer in his small bowel, and his gall bladder wasn't functioning at all. Needless to say he was looking at gall bladder surgery.
The day they did his surgery was on Thursday August 14th. He did pretty well but was in alot of pain afterwards. That same evening was also when my MIL got some results back from a lung biopsy she had earlier in the week. She had been having trouble breathing and wasn't getting better from what the dr first thought was double pneumonia. The drs thought she might actually now have Lymphoma in her lungs. The results came back good and we were all thrilled to hear that her lungs were clear of cancer!
However, that joy was short lived. Later on the same night my MIL started gasping for air. The respiratory team tried every way they could to get her breathing normally again, but to no avail. They ended up having to put her in ICU and on a respirator. Now we have been told that her lungs are full of blood clots and fluid and her heart is getting weaker everyday. Yesterday morning her heart stopped once and then started back up and her left lung collapsed. The drs now say they will keep her on the respirator two more days and if there is no improvement at all it is time for us to ler her go.
This breaks my heart and absolutely infuriates me! I hate cancer! I don't understand why it has to fall down upon good people, or anyone for that matter! My hubby, his brother, and my FIL are all so heartbroken they are like walking zombies. I've cried more the past few days than I have since my Dad died 9 years ago. It kills me to think that she will not get to see my kids grow up or the new grandchild that my BIL has coming in January. This is so unfair! I just want to scream and throw anything I can get my hands on. But nothing helps, cancer is an evil thing and takes away those who mean the most to us...I am still praying for a miracle because I know it can happen if it is God's Will.