Sunday, August 29, 2010

How I Earn My Living Online

I thought I'd share with you all exactly how I earn my living working from home. I thought some of you might be interested in checking these out. So here is a list of companies that I work for or have worked for in the past that has always paid me on time just as they said they would.

Freelance Writing:

Demand Studios


The Content Authority

Writer Access

Associated Content

All of these companies pay through PayPal. Some pay weekly, some pay biweekly, and some pay monthly, but they all pay on time as promised.

Paid for Social Networking:


If you like Facebook & MySpace, you're gonna love SideTick! Earn points for browsing the site, adding friends, posting a blog, referring friends, reading a daily email and more. Accumulate those points and turn them into cash paid right into your Paypal account. How Cool is That?

To check it out go here:

Paid to Sign Up for Offers:

This is a site that I have personally been paid from. How it works is that you signup for enough offers to equal 100 credits. Once you do that person who referred you is paid $60 by the website. Then that person pays you for signing up under their referral link. For every person that signs up and completes 100 verified credits for the offers, I will personally send you half of my payment. That's right, I WILL PAY YOU $30 for completing the offers. What's great about this is that will also get your own referral link that you can refer people to, earn $60 each for when they complete their 100 credits, and then you can pay them as much or as little as you like for signing up. Many of the offers are completely free and some have free trials. If you do not want to continue with the offers all you have to do is call them and cancel your membership during your free trial period. That's what I did and they canceled with no problem. I guarantee you that you will be paid $30 within a week of completing 100 credits of offers. After all, I am on here every day and I wouldn't be sharing this link with people that I interact with on a daily basis, if I didn't know that this website pays like they say they will. If you'd like to check it out just go here:

Paid to be a Website Tester:

I have been a website tester for Usertesting for over 2 years now. They ALWAYS pay me on time. They pay through Paypal exactly a week after you complete a website review job. For instance, if you complete a review on Friday, it gets deposited into your Paypal account
the following Friday. Each job you complete pays $10 and they seem to have a lot of work now.

Paid to Read Emails:

I have been paid once by Send Earnings. You get paid to read emails, do surveys, and sign up for offers. They mail you a check once you have earned $30. You can sign up here:

This is how I earn my living from home. I worked for my school system for over 13 years and only brought home $600-$800 a month from being a teacher aide and sometimes a preschool bus monitor. Now, I work full time from home and can easily earn at least $1000 a month. If any of you are looking for ways to earn an income right from home, these are some of the best companies to do work for. Good Luck!

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