Thursday, September 9, 2010

Experience at the Movies

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

This summer I have gone to see movies at the local drive-in theater at least once a month. My husband and I like to borrow a truck and snuggle up in the back for the double feature. The drive-in usually shows movie pairings that include something for everyone, which could include anything from comedy to family movies to action. I enjoy all of these genres so the drive-in is the ideal choice for us.

Another favorite is the theater close by with only one screen. I like this theater because they keep the ticket prices comparatively low. And even though they only show one movie at a time, it is generally the one that I want to see.

I usually go to the movies with my husband or friends. We like to load up on water, coffee and snacks, especially if we are going to the drive-in, and we make sure our adt Home Alarm is set before we leave the house.

Occasionally I will take in a 3-D movie at the larger theater downtown, but I am more likely to opt for the cheaper option of the drive-in. I will only pay more for a 3-D movie if it's a movie that I've been dying to see and know will be worth the price. But no matter where the location, I love movies and will continue to see them as long as they are made.

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