Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who to Be?

Written by Otis Norton

It happens to me every year. As Halloween draws closer I am forced to make a tough decision. I have to choose a costume when there are so many awesome ones to choose from. I can never decide to the last minute and I spend hours just wandering around in local costume shops, online sites, and even Wal-mart in an attempt to get ideas. I don't like just buying a pre-fab costume. I like to make my own. At least in that way I can be original even if I use a common idea.

This morning I got dressed, set my home security alarm I found online at, and headed out to shop once more. I had the day off and I was determined to actually get an idea before the last minute for once. I spent all day shopping and never did decide on anything.

I began heading home with disappointment etched on my features. It seemed like this year would be the same as always. I went through all my costume designs of the last few years and shook my head. They had all been somewhat original. Once I had been a vampire pirate. Another Year I chose to be both a ninja catperson. That had involved intricate makeup! This year, though, I wasn't sure what to be.

It wasn't until I ran across a movie poster for Avatar that a thought crossed my mind. It might sound silly but it gave me an idea. I immediately headed home to figure out how to be a zombie Na'vi.

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