Thursday, August 5, 2010

Newlywed and new NFL fan

Guest post written by Julia Hodds

There were certain concessions that I had to make when I got married about a year ago, like sharing a bathroom with my husband. But there of course, have been many good changes since then too, like becoming a huge NFL fan.I never really got my husband’s passion for it back when we were dating and then engaged. However, something seemed to just click and now I can’t stop reading blogs about the upcoming season and season predictions with my direct tv internet.When we met back in college my husband would spend a lot of time on his highspeed internet in Kentucky working on his fantasy football team. Now we both play on satellite internet in West Virginia and although he wouldn’t admit it, I’m better than him at fantasy football.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season and pulling for my team the Baltimore Ravens. Luckily we’re both Ravens fans – I kind of became one by default, another thing I picked up with marriage. At least our NFL allegiances won’t be something we have to worry about in our marriage.

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