Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watching House in My House

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

I admit that I have never been much of a television watcher in my past, but ever since I hooked up my direct tv satellite, I have become completely addicted to the prime time drama "House". This is a bit out of my character, since I have never been one to get into hospital dramas, but "House" is so much different from the rest.

To catch everyone up to speed, House features the wild diagnosis process of the zany lead character, Dr. Gregory House. He is perhaps the most arrogant doctor anyone will run into, and in the show, he is often portrayed as being very disliked by both patients and physicians alike. In fact, the only reason Dr. House seems to keep is job is because of his ability to find cures for extremely ill patients. Even if the prognosis seems grim, Dr. House will determine the cause and find an unorthodox treatment.

No real hospital would ever put up with the shenanigans and protocol violations that are a weekly occurrence under Dr. House's care. This, however, makes for a television show that is full of drama. I find myself both loving and hating the doctor. His matter-of-fact attitude, along with his conceit, captivates the viewer for the entire hour. Since discovering "House", I have yet to miss a single episode! I cannot wait for many new seasons to come.

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