Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegetable Delight in Granada Hills is Chinese Vegan Paradise

Written by my friend Jenny Kelly

Eating out, for me and my roommates, is at least a weekly tradition. We always go through the same routine before leaving the apartment--finding the keys (which are inevitably nowhere to be found for a good five or ten minutes), locating the wallets, and setting the home security alarm just before taking off. We found out where to get a door alarm near Cincinnati and it has been working great.

As a vegetarian, my favorite restaurant for eating out is Vegetable Delight in Granada Hills (San Fernando Valley), California. It's a Chinese restaurant at which all of the food is vegan.

The menu at Vegetable Delight is huge, with a wide range of options that leaves vegetarians (normally used to having one option from which to choose, if any) delirious with possible decisions.

It's not usually busy, but it is great food, and the people who run the restaurant are very sweet.

All meals come with free tea. My favorite appetizers are the crispy wantons and the fried spring rolls. The wanton soup is also spectacular!

I always tend to order a "fish" dish, along with orange chicken, which is marvelous. Occasionally we order a piece of vegan cheesecake to share, as well, which never fails to delight.

When it comes to prices, Vegetable Delight won't break your wallet. We usually spend about $17 per person, plus tax and tip. However, because the dishes are meant to be shared, there's the potential to try a large variety of foods if you're eating out with more people.

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