Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Movie Time at Home

Guest post written by Taylor Jorne

This last year my family was visiting. It is always fun to see them because they have younger children. We had plans to watch a movie. I had seen great reviews for the family movie "Everyone's Hero". It is an animated movie about a young boy, named Yankee Irving, who loves baseball. I knew this would be perfect for all of us, and we would be able to watch the movie on directv So while my dad was outdoors grilling, we set up our places in the theatre room, where eating and watching movies at the same time are a blast! The movie's scene is set in the Great Depression, along with the times that Babe Ruth was a player. Irving is a 10 year-old boy, and loves baseball, but baseball does not seem to encompass him readily--his talent is sadly lacking. One day Irving finds a baseball that can talk. The ball's name is Screwie. The name fits because the baseball is a grumpy character. Irving finds himself going to see his father at the Yankee Stadium, where his father works as a janitor. Yankee Irving has always wanted to see the locker room of all of his heroes. He is let in. Trouble arises when a signed baseball goes missing that night...It is a movie worth watching for all ages--young and older.

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