Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tartpon Springs, Florida

Content by Sol Rosales

Being somewhat short on money and also somewhat short of time, I decided that the Fourth of July weekend would be a good chance for a little vacation. The plan was to take a short trip, maybe two or three hours from home, check into a hotel for Friday and Saturday nights and return home on Sunday.

Using my satellite internet service to get online, I searched for destinations that were maybe 100 to 150 miles from our north central Florida home. On the east coast, I considered Daytona Beach and Melbourne. I did'nt want to go back to the theme parks in the Orlando area and finally settled on a trip to the Gulf Coast.

I looked up Tampa and St. Petersburg on several travel sites to see what the area had to offer. There were plenty of possibilities including the beach, Hard Rock Casino, Salvador Dali Museum and the Tampa Aquarium. I decided to take advantage of my Hilton Honors Reward Points and got a free night at the Hampton Inn in Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs is located a few miles north of Tampa and St. Pete and is known as the Sponge Capital of America.

An old, Greek fishing village, Tarpon Springs seemed like a nice place to stay. We enjoyed the weekend, visiting local attractions, eating at some nice restaurants and just enjoying the change of scenery. If you want an easy vacation planning experience, you should Get DIRECTV and CLEAR to help!

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